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Covid-19 protocol

Please be aware Public Health protocols have us implementing changes in order to protect you and your provider.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. At this time, we are asking you wait in your vehicle or on the clinic walkway respecting social distancing protocols. When we are ready for you, we will wave you in from the entry.As the weather changes, or if the weather is inclement, please knock on the door and we will let you inside. It is important for you to be on time so that we can try to stay on schedule. Due to increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols, we are scheduling more time between patients and clients.

You will receive a COVID screening in your email on the morning of your appointment. Please complete this form and we will confirm with you upon your arrival that nothing has changed.

Your provider will be wearing a surgical/procedural mask.We ask that you wear your community mask to the clinic. If you do not have a mask of your own, we can provide one for you to use during your appointment.

We are also aiming to go to contactless/paperless payments as much as possible. We now can easily email receipts to you. If you require an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance provider, and cannot access it online, please request it specifically.

Please be patient as we navigate these new procedures. It is a learning curve for all of us.

More details are available in the email you receive when you book your appointment and the reminder you will receive. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

About us

Whether you are new to chiropractic, massage therapy or just looking for a clinic that is the right fit for your individual needs, please browse our website to get an idea of what we have to offer here at Fairview Chiropractic and Massage Centre. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, chiropractic care is very safe. It is a drugless, non-invasive approach in assisting one’s body to utilize inherent healing abilities. Millions of people safely receive chiropractic adjustments each day!

Chiropractors treat many health conditions which affect today’s population including, but not limited to:

  • • Headaches                    • Tendonitis
  • • Neck and back pain        • Sports related injuries
  • • Muscular tension            • Postural strain
  • • Work related injuries      • Motor vehicle accident               
  • • Sprains/strains                 (MVA) cases

Periodic check ups may be recommended to monitor a patient’s progress and determine if continued chiropractic care, or additional approaches to treatment are clinically indicated.

Depending on the diagnosis, the chiropractor will determine if treatment will involve chiropractic adjustments or other appropriate therapies. The goal of an adjustment is to restore normal function and motion to the joints, often relieving pain. The adjustment is a controlled and directed pressure applied with the chiropractor’s hands. 

Chiropractic is a ‘hands on’ or manual treatment, used to improve the mobility of the joints in your body that have decreased or restricted movement. An area of altered biomechanics (how your bones, muscles and joints work together) may cause a reaction in the surrounding tissues which you feel as pain, or muscular spasm. Chiropractors use adjustments or specific manipulative techniques to correct spinal or extremity joint problems. Chiropractors also provide rehabilitative exercises and can advise you on other approaches such as lifestyle or dietary counseling. Chiropractic is drug-free and non-invasive (no surgery).

Stop Waiting, Start Healing.

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